• Wasserschloss Mitwitz

    An exceptional moated castle in Bavaria

  • Speinshart Kloster

    A gem in the OberPfalz

  • Dolomites

    Incredible Italian Mountain Range.

  • Neuschwanstein

    Mad King Ludwig built a castle in the Bavarian Alps.

  • Wasserschloss

    A Mitwitz tower for you

  • Chickadee

    A bright Bavarian songbird

  • Vilseck Tower

    A tower welcomes you in Vilseck.

  • Grafenwoehr Tower

    The Tower in Tower Barracks

  • Wenzelschloss

    Lauf's wonderful castle gate.

  • Neustadt am Kulm

    Our new home town in Bavaria.

  • Santa Ynez Mission

    From Lompoc with love.

  • Image

    Mission San Juan Bautista

    Remember the Hitchcock movie Vertigo?? Filmed here.

  • Image

    323 In The Shade

    An inviting image...

  • Image

    Bamboo II

    Japanese Style Woodblock Print

  • Image

    Devin in the Garden

    Central Coast Pathway

  • Image

    Do Not Disturb

    A Sleepy Feline

  • Image

    Mission Bells

    Bells from San Antonio

  • Image

    Mission Passage II

    Passage to the Courtyard

  • Image

    Path In The Shade

    Come and Walk

  • Image

    Point Lobos Inlet II

    Come and Walk

  • Image

    Purissima Mission

    History For All

  • Image

    Stairs To The Bell Tower

    A Hidden Stairway in Carmel

  • Image

    Salinas River II

    The Lazy Salinas River

  • Image

    Purissima Mission Bull II

    A Magnificent Bull

  • Image

    Pelicans In Flight

    Pacific Pelicans

  • Image

    San Antonio Mission II

    A Smaller Format Mission

  • Image

    Churchill Ruins 2

    Looking out from Fort Churchill NV

  • Image

    Garden Route

    Inspired by the free-range roosters at San Juan Bautista.

  • Image

    Lake Madrone

    A Beautiful Sierra Lake

  • Image

    Matilija Poppy

    Gorgeous Large Flowered Poppy

  • Image


    Passion Flowers with Color

  • Image


    Cat with Color

  • Image

    Point Lobos Cedar

    A different take on my favorite cedar

  • Invitation to Walk IV

    A New England invitation this time

  • Across America

    Impressions of my 2015 trip

  • Lily Pond

    New England has water and ponds!

  • Sandpipers

    These little guys are irresistable!

  • Sea Otters

    A Pacific treat for you..

  • Stone Bridge

    From Wayland to the world..

  • Image

    Santa Cruz Mission

    The Surfer Mission

  • Image

    Carmel Mission

    Central California's most scenic Mission.

  • Image

    Dormant Vintage

    From the Monterey Wine Country to you..

  • Image

    Northern Saw-Wet Owl

    THE Owl in a multi-block print that everyone loves.......

  • Images

    Valley Fog

    Pajaro Valley View of our pervasive friend fog

  • Image

    Red Dragon

    An exceptional color for an exceptional dragon

  • Image

    Bixby Bridge

    The Big Sur coast icon in a hand-pulled print.

  • Image

    Dragon's Rest

    A different perspective on Point Lobos

  • Image

    Yosemite Falls

    The West's iconic Yosemite Falls in a traditional etching.

  • Image

    Mission San Antonio

    A hand-pulled print of a hidden gem.

  • Image

    Long Wait to Rain

    From Baja California -more exceptional desert scenery.

A Few Words About My Prints

All my prints are hand-pulled, real limited editions of no more than 30-40. I sell no print that is not museum quality that passes my own fussy standard. I employ no assistants to pull my print - each print is pulled by the artist herself.

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